I'm available for editorial consultation. I also provide translation services (Spanish & French to English).  



A 1,000-word sample edit, for just $12?! 

I will critique 1,000 words of your writing, allowing you to test-drive the car before you go all in. When collaborating with an editor, it’s important to test the quality and compatibility of their work. It’s also a great opportunity to see if we’ll be a good creative match. In addition to providing feedback, I will recommend which of the editing services below I think will be the next best step.  


COPY EDITING: $0.04 – $0.06 (PER WORD)

You want your writing to be clear, concise, and comprehensible—with a little bit of edge. A thorough copy edit won’t change the flavour or the meaning of the text—rather, it will remove the clutter and repetition from the writing, improve its organization, and make it easy on the eyes. 


This is the ultimate overhaul. I will perform in-depth content editing on your text, and outline important modifications to the manuscript. After sharing my initial diagnosis with you, I will do a substantive or structural edit of the updated draft, which will involve refining the mechanics, style, and organization of the writing. This includes reorganizing, removing, and line-by-line rewriting. It’s a thorough operation, but it will transform your text from rough draft to polished work. 



Once you’ve incorporated all of this invaluable feedback, you can send me your updated draft and I will confirm that all recommendations have been effectively implemented. This is a cost-effective way to gain a second round of objective feedback, and you can move your manuscript forward with confidence.



I’ve worked with academic translations (articles, dissertation chapters, and conference materials), as well as adapting government documents (policy briefs, campaign materials, program descriptions) from French into English.


I’ve translated a range of Spanish documents into English, from academic articles to business emails to resumes, official documentation, cover letters, and website copy.

Spanish literary translation has my heart. I actively work with Spanish-language poets in adapting their work to Shakespeare’s tongue, and my work has been published in American and international platforms.


Translation can be either a quickie or an intimate affair, depending on the nature of the text.

For this reason, my pricing is flexible by project.


Contact me with details, and let's start collaborating! 



 You are protected by a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the job, your payment (minus any Paypal fees) will be refunded. Booking dates are not confirmed until payment has been received. On some occasions an additional 24 hours may be required to deliver your order, beyond the requested deadline.
All rates quoted above are quoted in US dollars.