What's your creative lust? 

After pursuing a PhD program in colonial history, I went rogue and accepted an assignment in the public sector supporting policy & program development in the area of violence against women prevention.

I also gathered 5+ years of experience in independent editorial consultation, with a focus on copyediting & proofreading academic dissertations, articles, and manuscripts (all topics, with specializations in History, Politics, & Literature).

My clients have ranged across the academic, public, and private sectors, as well as indie-press publishers, small businesses, and startups.  

I currently work part-time in online education, moving fluidly between freelancing, independent consulting, and more conventional workplaces that offer dynamic and growth-focused environments. 

Career Intentions.

Rather than following a particular career map, I’ve taken to examining my restlessness: what wants to move, and where does it want to go? This means that I follow two notions with the work that I choose to do: 

  1. You create value and meaning for your own life, your community, and the world through the work that you do everyday. 
  2. Meaningful work that allows for the lifestyle that you crave is available to everyone willing to hack it. 

Creative Impulse.

Much of the above is what a good young professional should say.

Here’s the hot stuff: during this trajectory, I’ve written insatiably.

I’ve published a poetry chapbook, numerous articles, and forayed into secondary journalism (and back again). Portfolio samples can also be found on this site here, and also way over here. It’s not my ‘evenings & weekends’ hobby. It’s even paid a couple of bills.

Creative work feeds into the critical thinking skills that I gained through overeducating myself, and then properly 9-5ing it for a couple of years. Creativity is how we mastermind the challenges & tensions between what we love to do, what we are doing, and what we think we ‘should’ be doing.

Only when we take creative responsibility for our decisions, lives, and careers, can we create value, affect change, and produce dynamic results. It kind of takes guts, but you are what you create.


You are what you create.